A Fashion Statement that will Never Fade… We Rep Substance with Style!

At UnderRepped, we rep forgotten legends – deservedly, preservedly -- on our vintage T-shirts.

With their faces emblazoned on our high-quality tees, their awesome, world-changing achievements shall never fade. That’s why we resurrect the spirit and the passion that saw these brilliant difference-makers impact history!

Your very own passion may be science, music, sports, technology or art.

True, bright stars from every field left ther glowing mark on history… then were all but forgotten. Until now. UnderRepped has captured the memories of those brave and spirited souls, so you can wear them front and center!

So we rep the likes of Rene Laennec, the inventor of the stethoscope. And Roald Amundsen, the first to reach both the North and South Poles. There’s Billie Holiday, who lived a difficult life, yet has been called the greatest jazz vocalist ever. And Ada Lovelace, the seductress – and world’s first computer programmer! 

What if you could wear a smart ‘n’ stylish fashion statement any day of the week to inspire you? One that would fill you with the substantial feeling that you are repping a forgotten legend?

You -- or someone you know -- has a great, high-quality vintage shirt waiting that’ll fit you to a tee!

Top Value in Tees

Years from now, you’ll put your UnderRepped vintage tee on with your old bluejeans.

It will be a cool combo, because guess which part of the ensemble will be faded? Hint – not your high-quality tee

Our tees are wearable tributes to UnderRepped legends – so we build them to last.

In fact, these are the smoothest and softest t-shirts you'll ever wear. Made of lightweight, breathable cotton, they retain a durable, vintage feel. These classic-cut shirts are known for their premium quality, as well as ability to stand up to a washing machine (will maintain size and color after many washes).

And what about the UnderRepped images that grace these vintage tees?

With a discharge sceen printing process, we remove the dye from the shirt, leaving the image behind. This avoids that heavy, stiff feeling you get wth traditional print screening. As a result, you’ll love getting up-close and personal to the soft, luxuriant feeling

And you know what? Part of caring how you feel, is listening to you. Send us your ideas of people to rep and you just might see their face appear on an UnderRepped future-edition tee! You could say we rep all forward-thinkers, past and present.


Size Chart

Men's T-shirts

Chest (inches) 35 38 41 44 48 52 56
Length (inches) 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Woman's T-shirts

Chest (inches) 30 32 34 37 40
Length (inches) 25 3/8 25 25 5/8 27 1/4 27 7/8