You are what you wear, and it can Inspire your daily life.

Hang around smart people and you'll get smarter. Wear smart icons, and feel the influence of these forgotten heroes who made their mark on the world! Underappreciated geniuses in science, music, sports, technology, and art. Passionate trail-blazers all -- yet woefully under acknowledged, and UnderRepped.

You can now wear your passion on your sleeve, while embodying the brave spirit that propelled these iconic individuals in helping the world. Remember, your rep is only as good as who you rep. Itís time to rep the UnderRepped!

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Plastic or Iconoclastic – which will you choose?

So many ‘pop sensations’ come and go as ‘flavor of the month.’ The entertainment industry so often promotes puffed-up popstars, seemingly on style alone. They fade in a month’s time because … where was the substance? True legends come along once in a lifetime, bettering humanity while inspiring millions. Without the backing of a big PR machine, these humble icons and their stories have gone sadly UnderRepped. We love the legends we rep, and we transfer that love into our high-quality vintage t-shirts. Each UnderRepped tee is a stylishly intelligent fashion statement, and worthy dedication. Get your passion on for a long-wearing, unfading world-changer – and look smart at the same time!

Humble beginnings through KickStarter

UnderRepped was made possible by the great backers on Kickstarter in 2013. We had two great runs that allowed us to continue on what we are doing today. Since then we have added great new thinkers, scientists, and activists to ever growing list. Drop us a line on who you think we should rep. Rep the UnderRepped!

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Men's T-shirts

Chest (inches) 35 38 41 44 48 52 56
Length (inches) 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Woman's T-shirts

Chest (inches) 30 32 34 37 40
Length (inches) 25 3/8 25 25 5/8 27 1/4 27 7/8